Ability to share a task in Microsoft Teams

It would be great if in Asana we could share a task to Microsoft Teams, into a message.
My company primarily uses Microsoft Teams as a means of communication, and not everyone is great at checking Asana, even if you comment on their tasks.

Proposed workflow: in Asana task, click “Share”, choose Teams and then you can send it to anyone in your Teams contacts with a message - for example, “please can you provide an update on this task?”
The good thing with Teams is you can see when that person was online/if they have seen it.

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Hi @Ash_K don’t forget to upvote your own idea :slight_smile:

The Teams app for Asana allows you to pull projects/tasks into Team and with rules you can send notifications into Teams on task updates. More here.

Thanks for the response. Yes I have used the Teams feature, however I think it would be helpful if, for example, you right-click a task in Asana and there is an option to “share” which can be shared on Teams.