Microsoft Teams Direct Message

Is there the option for a rule that allows a direct message via Microsoft Teams? Currently, the only option is a Teams message. It would be helpful if a direct Teams message existed because only one person is to receive the update. There is a rule for a Slack direct message and Slack Teams message. Slack is not used for our business so we resort to emails, cluttering our inbox for updates.
Looking forward to a response and update!

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I am not using this integration personally, however based on the guide it should be possible to also set up notifications for 1:1 chats.
Rules • Asana Product Guide.

Now in terms of rules, it is correct, that this is not possible at the moment. I have found this existing feedback request thread that I recommend upvoting: Add Microsoft Teams function to send notifications when task is approaching to user directly via email or teams

As a workaround you might also want to look into tools such as Zapier or Make.

I had a quick look and Make seems to offer something. Look under „Send a Message
Sends a message to a team’s channel or to a chat.“