Add Internal Request form with "+" on web version & mobile apps

Hi guys,

Now that we have forms, I think it would be great to have the ability to add a Request with a form internally. My use case was my team used this in Wrike as a great bug submission process. By configuring the form, anybody could submit a bug, and the form made sure the bug went into 1) the “Bug” designated project, and 2) got labeled with the tag “Bug,” which is how I had bugs set up. I’ll be using a Custom Field to differentiate Bugs and User Story and other dev-type tasks in Asana.

It is simply an option on the “+” sign in apps:

Without this, my team has to figure out which project to put the bug in. And, in the case of the mobile apps, since you can’t add a custom field, somebody later has to collect these bugs and add that field to them. This can lead to a lot of admin work.

I imagine there are a good deal more uses of the Internal Request form, so it would be great to have the ability to globally submit one internally right on the “+” alongside tasks, projects, conversations.

Thanks guys!

Hi @OT160 and thank you for taking time to share your suggestion in the Forum!

Just quick note to let you know I’ve slightly modified the title to make it a little more accurate and discoverable. I hope it’s OK. I also wanted to remind you to cast your vote to the thread :slight_smile:

Have a great week!

Hi Natalia, great, I am glad you guys are around to fix up these requests to they are more easily digestible by the community!

And also wanted to thank you for merging another of my requests. I had not seen the original request, but I was glad to see there was already support for what I was looking for:

Thanks again!