Follow-Up task - create similar behavior like "Create Project from Task"

I really like Follow-up tasks, very unique feature of Asana. However, I feel like it’s “half-done” as it doesn’t have the great aspects of a similar feature, “Create Project from Task” in terms of handling of the two respective entities once this action is completed.

It would be great if you had some reference in the originating task, which may not necessarily wind up closed if you are using complex workflows, as to the fact that it generated a follow-on task. And the follow-up task gets just a token reference back to the original by putting a link in the description.

When you create a Project from a Task, there is a great header on the “creating” task, and in the Project the notation in the description is much more substantial.

I feel like it wouldn’t be a ton of work - this could be done maybe in the API but I don’t have those kind of resources - to just add this little bit of behavior around this activity.

Thanks guys and hoping for progress on this!

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