Add Form Submission results to new project created by rule

I have a form that collects details about an event. I have figured out how to create a new project using a template when the form is submitted. I need all the information submitted in the form to be put in a task in the new project that is created. Is there a way to do that? Ideally all of the information from the form would be in the task description in a specific task in the new project. Help! If I can do this I will be saving myself so much time.

Hi @Julie_Gilpin !

All form submissions will create a task in your project. You could have your questions mapped to custom fields (if you are on Premium or above) or you could simply collect all the form’s data into the task description, simply by going to your form’s ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Copy all responses to task description’ which is the default.

If you click on ‘View form’ you can also preview how your form will look to others - this is where you can also test it yourself and submit the form so you can see how it will pop up in your project as a task! And then you can delete that task since it was just a test :wink:

You can find more information in the Asana guide here: Create Forms in Asana • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps!

I know how to do all of this and have it running. What I can’t figure out is how to get the info submitted in the form to end up in an existing or new task in the project I am creating when the form is submitted.

Ok, have you tried submitting your form to see what happens? It should create a new task in the project that the form is set up in.
Note, you cannot add a form submission to an existing task. But your form submission can create a new project if you add a custom rule that creates a new project when a task is added from your form. (Business & Enterprise tier only)

Even if you can create a project through a rule, you can’t place in the project the task that was used (at least not with a native rule…)

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Bummer. Thank you for clarifying.