Add Blank Template Option (like a blank word page or an empty board)

I would like to have a fully editable blank page/board as a template option under the project - not just a list, board, timeline, or calendar.

I’d like to flexibility to add anything to this blank page: text, links, images, embedded files, tables, videos, and text editing options.

Jira’s confluence app has this Page feature and it’s great. Asana should definitely have something similar.

The use case for me is: I’m creating a document with some social media screenshots, captions and links that I will use as source of inspiration/benchmark. However, without a simple blank page template, I can’t save this in asana and have it centralised for my team to access in one place (i have to use another tool for that, like google docs, which is annoying).

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Welcome, @Camila_Grotti,

Have you ruled out the Overview tab? It has two options that could be used for your purpose:

  1. Key Resources > Add links and files, and/or
  2. Key Resources > Project brief

Hope that might help if you were not already aware.



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Hi Larry! Thanks for your reply. That’s exactly what i am using at the moment.
But this is almost a hidden feature, it takes many clicks to get to the project brief and it’s only down in the bottom of the project.
I’d like just to click on my project name and see the blank page / board open straight away, just like we have with tasks, calendar, etc. Hence why i’d like them to add it as a template option.
Thanks for the note anyway.

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