Add a set of predefined subtasks to a task

Hi, I am quite new to asana (coming from Meistertask) and need help with the following problem:
There are tasks that always require certain subtasks. In Meistertask I could save sets of subtasks. In Asana there isnt such an option.
How can I do that, especially for existing tasks (because some of them are added via email or automation.
I am using Zapier and Flowsana and couldnt figure out how to archieve that.
In Flowsana there is an action “add subtasks from template”. So I tried to connect that with a tag as a trigger. Didnt work.
I need help.

Hi @Karsten5, welcome to Asana and the community forum!

In Asana you can not use tags as a trigger for rules, you can use a single select or multi select custom fields + rules to add subtasks to tasks that meet a specific criteria if you are on the business or enterprise plan.

If you are on the premium plan flowsana might be able to help you do that. @Phil_Seeman would know best.


Hi Karsten - please feel free to write in to support at flowsana dot net and I’m sure we can get it working for you.


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