Ability to view which team a project belongs to when multi homing tasks


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When we multi home tasks we can’t always see what team a project sits in. We can view the team names in some instances but previously could see which team all projects belonged to. Now when we try to multi home a task in another project project we see Private with a lock next to it. We are members of both teams and both projects so the team name should not be blocked. What we need to happen is to always be able to view the team name - that is not a secret… You could keep the lock to indicate if a project is private to members but the fact it belongs to a specific team is not something that needs to be kept private.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Project B Select a task, click + button to add to another project
  2. Begin typing name of project, pick box opens with list of possible projects,
  3. To the right of Project A, I see the Team name. To the right of Project B, I see a lock with Private.

I need to be able to view which team a project sit in for all projects regardless if the project is Private or Public.

Browser version: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @StephanieC and thanks for reporting this issue. The lock indicates that you are not a member of that team - if you are, it probably means something is not working. ANd in this case, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team, as we will need you to share some private information that can’t be shared in the Forum. When you reach out to support, feel free to reference this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything, and make sure to provide the URL of task in your screenshot. With this URL the team will be able to investigate why you’re not seeing the Team.

Regarding your second point, If a team is private, its name won’t be displayed to users who don’t have access to it. This is an expected behaviour, and I don’t believe we’re planning to modify it in the near future, but feel free to create a thread in the #productfeedback category to submit this idea and allow other user to vote for it :slight_smile:


Thanks Marie! Actually, I am a member of both teams and both projects… so we should not be seeing the lock, right? Anyhoo, happy to report to support team as requested and will reference this thread. And will create a thread as well in the product feedback category.


If you’re a member of the team, you should definitely be able to see the Team name instead of the lock, so it could well be a bug! Our support team is more equipped to investigate these issues, so they are the best people to assist you with this issue :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation, really appreciate it!