Show "Team" in Task details


When I am looking at a task, I can see the name of the project, but I can’t see the name of the “team.” This is a problem, because we have multiple “teams” to divide up our clients and then there are projects within that related to the specific client. So we need to know which client we are working on. We have a workaround right now where we have to write the “team name” or the client name into the task title, but it’s often forgotten and a very clunky workaround.



@Regina_Bellows, I too would like to see the Team link more easily, both to view and to click on occasion so I added my vote. But as an alternate workaround, I often name my projects with a team prefix, so maybe that could help since you mention you can see the project name. So you might have a team name of Northwest and project names like NW Client1, NW Client2, etc.



Hey @Regina_Bellows!

Thank you for your feedback and for providing us with more details on why this would improve your and your teams’ workflow. I think that @lpb’s suggestion might work quite well as a workaround for you and your team in the meantime.

I have slightly edited your Feedback title to allow for it to be easily discoverable for other Community Forum Members.



Hi Regina,

To add to @lpb suggestion, you can also assign each team with an emoji and use the team emoji in the task name. Or you can use custom fields to identify the team.