Breadcrumbs to Team page from Project view

It would be great to have breadcrumbs at the top of a Project so you could quickly click up a level into the Team page. The info button lets you see the Team the Project is in, but you can’t click the Team to navigate there.

When you have lots going on in your sidebar, this on-page functionality would be really helpful.

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Hi @Justine_D, thanks for providing this feedback!

Adding Team > project breadcrumbs would certainly be a helpful addition to Asana! While this isn’t currently on our roadmap, I’ll keep you updated if this is something our Product team plans to implement in the future. :slight_smile:

Very surprised this does not have more upvotes.


Totally - I am still trying to decide whether or not we should go with Asana. I really like the functionality and interface, except for the lack of project hierarchy and breadcrumb navigation - these are big disincentives so I’m looking for alternatives where you can have nested projects rather than architecting workarounds that defeat the purpose of having an intuitive interface.

I can’t believe it’s not more reequested either!! Would literally be SOOOOOO convenient!!

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Asana DOES NOT shine when it comes to nesting. Hive would be a better choice for that.

This definitely has my vote! Especially since it is already available whilst navigating Portfolios>Projects which is really useful. So why not also implement this for Teams>Projects?
Makes perfect sense from a UI/UX perspective… let’s vote, people!! :+1:

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