Ability to export timeline

I have just switched our business from Monday to Asana, this took a significant amount of time. However, since doing it we’re noticing ALOT of features that Monday had that Asana does not that seem super simple. Plus as endless forum of repeated Asana feature requests from as early as 2017 but no actions

Being able to share a timeline with a client is essential to any project management tool, and its a given that not all clients will want to create a guest account. Some of our clients are unable to do this as the software is blocked by their own IT systems, so a simple visual PDF export would be such a quick solution.

Does anyone know how features get chosen to be included and how the voting for that actually works? How many votes get is reviewed?


+1. Shocked that this isn’t available. Requested in 2018 and still not here?


The inattention to this and refusal to commit to a deployment date has gone from frustrating to insulting. I used to recommend this product all the time but, sadly, cannot continue to do so in good faith until this is available…

Wow just up voted this on a different forum, and realize it hasn’t been addressed for even longer than I thought. Please make this available. It doesn’t seem very hard. I am already looking for another Project Management tool that can accommodate. But please just do this - we all mostly want to stay but we all need this.


+1 for this. It should already be available.


Wow…nearly 2.5 years later and this still hasn’t been addressed…this is very very poor for a company offering products like this…i think we may need to look for an alternative…this, plus no sub-task effort calculation up to the parent task, and other simple things like a count at the top of the swim lanes of the number of tickets are just basic things…they are on this forum and should not take this long to develop…who ever is the product owner should be fired. Product development is incredibly slow.


We NEED this. We manage production projects with many deadlines with many partners, in different countries, can’t ask all of them to join our asana. If we could just map out the product and send all partners the pdfs it would make our life so much easier.


@Marie Could you please provide a deadline or confirm the Print Feature on the Asana Roadmap. Otherwise, I will be migrating to Monday or Trello who do have this functionality.

Your own Asana documents are even out of date suggesting it is possible here:

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Hi @Vincent_Lucero,

I do not have a timeline on this topic at the moment, but I’m keeping a close eye on this topic and will update this thread as soon as I do.

The guide article you’re referring to shows you how to export a project list to PDF, not a timeline.

Unbelievable ASANA was not able to develop something as simple as an export.
It also neglects the way Mary came to deal with the questions.

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Yes this functionality of printing the timeline to PDF is essential. Please up-whatever. Thanks!

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Guess I will be exporting and migrating to AirTable to create my PDF! Thanks for the transparency Marie!

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2,5 years on this?? @Marie we need something here…

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Definitely a +1 to this. Being able to provide customers a visual on the progress of their projects is incredibly helpful. It would be nice to be able to do this in Asana instead of having to use another program like Microsoft Project.

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InstaGantt does a nice Gantt chart, it’s free for up to 3 projects at any one time (easy to swap a large list of projects in and out) and it can be linked live and 2-way to Asana.

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+1 - If Timeline is a paid feature, it is obviously a very useful one, why hinder its utility? It must be to your benefit to not provide this, if its taken this long? Yet, hindering utility and productivity is contradictory to your essence as a company?

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This feature would be very helpful. My company manages large construction projects and we are very schedule driven. It would be extremely helpful to have a printable view of the schedule.


Hi everyone :wave:

First of all, thanks to everyone involved here for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Most importantly, thanks for your patience, as we know this has been a long-standing request among our Community and customers.

Today I’m delighted to share we’re introducing a new Read-Only Timeline view; you can learn more about this new option here: New: Share projects with read-only links!

I believe this will answer a lot of requests we’ve seen on this thread and will give even more visibility to the people you share Timeline with. The new shareable Timeline view is dynamic so everyone you share it with will be able to see the latest updates on the project and keep updated of what’s happening in the project, even if they don’t have an Asana account.

Viewers of the shareable Timeline view will be also able to see the project name, project owner, section headers, task names and due dates. They will also be able explore the Timeline view using scroll or zoom features.

I’m closing this thread out for now, but if the situation evolves over time and we decide to implement the option to print a Timeline, I will make sure to re-open and keep you posted here!