Ability to disable/enable new description formatting menu feature

I appreciate how beneficial this new feature might be for people who often use extensive formatting within their description field. For those of us who only use plain text, it would be great if there was an option for this feature to be disbled/enabled. Thank you.


If you are using plain text, what’s the issue with the new options? I believe it adds feature but does not remove anything for a simple user does it?

It separates each line into a movable block with a menu prompt wherever you put your cursor. When cutting and pasting from other docs (even if you paste as plain text) it creates huge blocks of empty space between paragraphs and sometimes each line will become its own block of movable text. As I noted, I’m sure this is fine for some people, but personally, I do not want the menu to launch every time I type a forward slash and I don’t wish to see the prompt on every line. I think an option to disable should be available in account settings.


I am constantly using the Shift+Enter function to not create breaks between my lines. Plain text function option. Perhaps I’m not using it properly, a video training may be beneficial for this new change.