Trouble editing description in tasks

Hi. I frequently add notes in and edit the “description” section of Tasks. Very often, Asana (I am using the app on Mac OS) does not allow me to enter text in the description field. Instead it keeps the text cursor in the Task title text field.

Any tips on how to avoid this?

I’ve noticed that very occasionally I’ll put my cursor in the description field, start typing and the cursor randomly jumps to the task name. It’s very weird. I find that refreshing the page usually fixes this.

Usually being the operative word. That’s my go to solution but it doesn’t always work. Does anybody from Asana know about this?

Hi @Andrew_Guenzer ! Looks like this must have been a bug. Are you still seeing the issue? Does refreshing the page still usually solve the problem?

Yes I’m still seeing the issue. Refreshing the page usually solve the problem, however that is annoying since it takes ~10 seconds. I usually just enter a letter and delete it in the field where the cursor is stuck - then it allows me to move to a new field

I often have the same problem. are there any updates about how it can be fixed?

Hi @richard_gudgel! These steps might help you solve the issue Asana supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. Let us know if the issue persists!


Same happening for me daily. Terribly annoying. Yes, restarting the browser will fix it but I don’t see how is that a solution to a bug that’s clearly in your editor as it never happened to me anywhere else.

Hi @david2 and welcome!

This thread is pretty old, it was last commented on December 2017, so the issue you’re encountering is most likely not related to the issue above.

Could you please provide me with a little more info? Here are a few question that could help us isolate the issue:

  1. What exactly happens? Clicking in the description box, doesn’t move the cursor in the description?
  2. What happens if you use the “Tab” key to navigate from the task title to the description?
  3. What browser are you using?
  4. Are you encountering the same issue with private browsing? (This is to check if an extension installed on your browser is conflicting with our javascript)

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Marie, this issue is still ongoing on my Galaxy S7 tablet, I cannot write notes in tasks without the task being highlighted after the first letter is typed. I updated Chrome, tried incognito (which pushes me to use the installed app). Has this issue been resolved, as I am expereincing it in Feb 2021, incrediblty frustrating.

I am seeing this issue in Feb 2021.