Cursor jumps backward when I start to add text to a comment or description

The cursor jumps backwards when I start adding text to a new field like description or comment.

Steps to reproduce: I click in the space to start adding text, and it ends up looking like this: “elloH” even though I write “Hello”. Happens every time - consistent and annoying.

Browser version: Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Maggie_Cutts,

This is most likely a browser issue. Can you please answer the few questions below?

  1. Are you able to reproduce the issue when logging into your account from a Chrome incognito window?
  2. Are you able to reproduce the issue with another browser?

Hi @Maggie_Cutts! Do you have any updates for us about this issue? :slight_smile: We’ll be happy to help you, just please confirm the questions above so we can investigate this further! Thanks

Thank you Marie, I had not seen your reply. I was NOT able to reproduce the problem in Chrome incognito or in Safari. Does that mean I should use a different browser?

Again, thanks for your help.


Thanks for confirming @Maggie_Cutts and apologies for the late follow-up here! If are not experiencing this issue in another browser or incognito window, it looks like this issue is related to a extension installed in your browser. You can check and disable browser extensions in Chrome following the steps in this article.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks! For the record I disabled the Asana extension and it works fine now! Thanks Emily

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