Popup forces to reload and does not save any new text

I am currently experiencing a bug that has already been described on Asanas trouble shooting page. It’s a popup which forced you to reload while telling you that you should consider copying your progress just in case that asana cannot save it - which is always the case.

I only have to write one single sentence into any progect and I immediately get this popup.

One of the many “unique phrases” is: 25 berserk pigs eat blindly

Browser version: Firefox 76.0.1 (64 bit)

I have already deactivated all of my add-ons, deleted my cache, cookies and browser history, updated my windows, reloaded Firefox and successfully ran the websocket and yet the problem persists. I do not want to download yet another browser to test this out.

Some other tip would be appreciated.

Hi @Zarydi, thanks for taking the time to report this!

I’m sorry to hear you are running into this issue. I’d like to look into this further with you.

This type of errors are usually related to the limit of characters allowed in the task description. Does the task you are trying to edit have a long description already or is it an empty task?

In order to solve this issue we recommend splitting the description in two tasks, for example, you can create a subtask.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hello Emily,

this bug indeed seemed to have disappeared for now after following your suggestion. The only problem I now have is, that in that task in which the bug occurred, the entire description has been deleted without me doing anything. Since the description history has only had a save state from the second last change, everything I have written in here yesterday (even the part that has apparently been saved by asana before that bug) has suddenly vanished, as if I had never opened it yesterday. I suppose there is now chance of getting back the latest saved task description…?

Thanks for your reply.

I’m glad to know the issue is now solved @Zarydi! However, there is currently not an option to get back to the latest version of your task description. I’m sorry for the trouble!

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