Option to disable Link Editor Pop-up - Blocks text / links behind

Please create an option to disable this pop-up as we do not use it and is only blocking the links or texts behind it. I usually need to click on multiple links within a task and the pop-up is just blockin the other links from being clicked successively.

Now, I have position my mouse pointer so it shows the blocked links behind it. Pretty frustrating and really just a nuisance for some users like me.

And this goes to all the updates you’re rolling out. Please give us an option to opt-in or out of these updates since some of them are no use and just disrupts, slows down our workflow / process in most cases.

Thank you.


*Now, everytime I need to click on multiple links, I have to carefully position my mouse pointer so it doesn’t block links behind it. Pretty frustrating and really just a nuisance for some users like me.

I know this may seem like a petty concern, but if you’re working with multiple links (solely within Asana) all day it becomes a real ordeal and a significant amount of time is lost just because I have to get around this pop-up that behaves worse than a real pop-up Ad.

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Hi @jaa and thank you for sharing your suggestion with us and for explaining why this feature would be so helpful for your current workflow. This is a great feedback for future updates!

I would encourage you to cast your vote by clicking on the Vote button next to the name!

Have a nice day @jaa!

I would definitely appreciate this.

I very often need to select and copy text and links from the task description. I rarely (honestly never) need to see the preview of a link or make the text label of a link different from the url.
The Link Preview box gets in the way when I’m trying to read and select text. It’s very disrupting.
Having the option to disable Link Preview would make using Asana a lot easier.

Super annoying to have this pop up in a millisecond. A disable function or a bigger delay would be highly appreciated.