Option to disable text editor pop up

Can we have an option to disable the text editor pop up, please? It’s redundant since the editor is already located at the bottom of the description box.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 11.53.11 AM

As far as I am aware there isn’t the option to disable this, it only shows when highlighting as you have displayed.

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Asana have effectively ruined this software with pop ups everywhere. Going back to Outlook.

The last time I posted, I received no solution, and my post was moved to a dead thread where I could vote. I would love to get some help with this.

Every time I select text within a task, this most annoying text editor pop-up shows up every time! What I don’t understand is that there is already an anchored toolbar for this that is always available. How do I disable this frustrating, unnecessary, and redundant pop-up? Thank you so much!


I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



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