A Master Board View for All projects

I think all the paid version gets you is the ability to add as many projects to the dashboard as you want. Currently I don’t bother with the Dashboard, and generally go straight to a specific project and display the Progress tab instead. And I only do that when I want to give someone else (i.e., a manager) a sense of what state a project is in.

I run a marketing team. We have projects, and 2 week sprints we run for tasks within projects. I have one project that is our two week sprint board. I have a main board that is the post it note one that has all projects listed by quarter and backlog of idea projects we want to do. This allows me to showcase what and who is working on what by quarter. I then use sprint in my weekly management meetings to cover what team is engaged on that week.


Yes it seems the board with the master project list is the only way to accomplish this. Thanks for sharing.


@Corey_J_Halstead, I saw a post just now that might be of interest of you.

I often click on other people and look at their My Tasks to get a sense of what they’re working on, I liked the idea of a progress chart per person so voted it up. Figured I’d steer you and whoever else might be following this thread there.

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Wow, that’s a lot of manpower to get a result. So much of this could be automated so easily. Someone want to put some of this as a feature request and then we can all vote it up?


Hi there!

I actually just started working on an idea I had to solve this problem. What I came up with a very basic idea, while janky to some degree, it’s a first step ideation wise that anyone could use today.

Let’s say we have 20 active projects, and I am the CEO and want to see a stoplight view of all project performance (by phase), or I am the Lead PM and need to report info up the chain.

The solution I came up was to create a gate at the end of each phase of development, that was dependant on tasks within that phase, for it to be marked complete. I then pulled-in by linking those gate phase tasks, into what I called a Project Health board. While this is far from perfect, it does the job for simple status update by development phase (calendar or timeline view).

Another version of this I’m using follows a similar logic. By using my Master Project Template, with gated phases of development (category wise), I then pull-in each End Gate Completion Task (linked to whatever tasks preceded it), into a Company Health Report (task view). The advantage here is that within this project, I can save the default task view based on custom search field parameters and categories.

It does feel like some of us are creating workarounds to such simple concepts. Linking completion gates, for each phase of development, into a master kanban or task list.

Hope this helps, or at the very least, sparks some creative thinking on different solutions to the similar thing we all are facing (at any size company).


Tyler Everett

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So after all this discussion, and listening to users like us discuss needs, Asana reacted by adding “portfolios”. The only problem is they used it as a way to get folks to upgrade to a ‘business’ account at double the price of a ‘premium’ account. I guess maybe we shouldn’t voice our wishes here anymore :frowning:


We upgraded to get Portfolios, but it only gives a completion percentage of individual projects. As far as I can tell, even it doesn’t give a master project list for all tasks. That said, I certainly wish it did! It’s tough running sprints from a master task list when you can’t see a master task list! We’re actively looking into other project management softwares. If you know of any that allow for individual project, master project views, and project completion overviews (e.g. Portfolios), I would love to know!


@TYL3R could you show an example of this?

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If you are working with sprints and want a robust look over the projects, have more reporting & overview options and etc, you may check the Jira. It is again a tool from Atlassian and a good one, but more complicated than asana. If you haven’t consider it you can check it out.

Couldn’t you just use unito to sync the projects to one master project?

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“Nature abhors a vacuum,” and vacuums are entrepreneurial opportunities.

A. Compete with Asana via a similar model with an MVP that out of the box comes with free All Projects View, or

B. Create a Zapier (or similar) API connection to a simple free web based app that provides an Asana All Projects View.

I’ve not got the chops else I’d do B.

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Found this thread whilst looking for an easier way to view all projects. I’ve gotten around it (albeit in a messy way), by creating a Project called ‘ALL PROJECTS’. I star that as a favourite of course (as I do with all!). Every other project I create then gets added as a task within ‘ALL PRoJECTS’, e.g. ‘PROJECT 1’ is added as the task title, then I copy that particular project’s url into the body of the task. The link in the body of that task displays as the project title. I also created sections for ‘CURRENT PROJECTS’ and ‘PAST PROJECTS’, and you can categorise further as required.

I hope that helps someone!


You could go a little quicker by using a mention, typing “@” then the project name.

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Thanks for the tip, Bastien!

How do you manage 40 projects in Asana, I think we need a better way than the small list we have today.

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@Enric_Moreno, and others on this thread,

One solution is Asana’s Portfolios, which requires a Business Plan. (I don’t think that’s been mentioned yet on this thread.)

Another that requires only Premium uses my Asana2Go and it’s called Projects Dashboard and you can read more at Asana2Go Adds New Projects Dashboard/Roll-Up Feature (and partial relief for Asana Dashboards removal) and it looks like this:

Finally, my favorite is the one I mention below and that I keep refining, which also only requires only Premium (just plain Asana; doesn’t use Asana2Go) and is quite powerful and flexible:

Hope one of those helps,


Have you found any solution to a Master Project Board view? This is described as very similar to what I am looking for. I’ve looked at the Portfolio demos and the concept is great, however, the Projects pulled into the portfolio do not show the tasks associated with it – only status and overall completion rate.
I would like to make something like this in Asana:

If anyone has a work-around to produce this view, I would love to hear it! Another view option that I don’t see possible yet is:

Have you considered Airtable?

I LOLd. That’s exactly what I thought. Has anyone considered organizing Airtable to do this master view with the specifics/tasks of each project plus the status?