Ability for multiple projects boards to act in tandem, allow for "Master" board/calendar

I would like to be able for myself and team to easily see dates, etc. for multiple project boards, for example if we had a project board for tradeshows, one for industry associations, and one for marketing communications, I would like to be able to see dates on each of these and for them to filter into one calendar.

If I put these boards into a portfolio now however, I can only see the timeline view rather than a full calendar with dates… the timeline view is not worth using as there are way too many items so close together. Unable to easily see what is happening on what date.


Note: Not necessarily a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

If you have multiple projects like tradeshows, industry associations and marketing comms all in the same team, then on that team’s Team page you can see a calendar view/tab for tasks with dates in all the team’s projects.

Does that address your need?



Thanks Larry, I had not seen that! Would like to be able to customize this calendar view some more but this will do for now though. Thank you.


To add to @lpb’s solution, another possible solution (if there are more projects in the team and you only want to see key dates from those projects) is to create a saved search using that portfolio and then used the advanced search options to give you that more “tailored” view.

Best of luck!

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