Creating 2 different calendars for 1 project

I have each company my company markets for set up as their own project. Then I have boards on each project like “email marketing” “website” “marketing collateral.” Then I place the tasks on each board with a due date, assigned to, etc.

All these tasks show up on the main project calendar. But I’d like a second calendar that would only be for putting what social posts will be posted and when. Can I have 2 calendars showing 2 separate things in one project?


Welcome to the forum! Could you give a bit of context on these “boards”. Are you referring to sections on the same project? Do you have a custom field with those values (“email”, “website”, etc.)?

You can set up multiple calendars on the same project and filter them differently like so:

To filter for social posts, you would need to have that stored as a field on the tasks, presumably a single-select. To filter, set the calendar to “Month view” and then the filter icon should appear. Make sure you save the view when you’re done setting it up or else it will revert to default (unfiltered week view) when you leave the page.

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Yes, you can! Just add another Calendar Tab, create filters and choose week or month view. Then Rename it and Save.


But when I added a new calendar is shows all the tasks from all my boards. I want the calendar blank.

So you’ll need to create a filter condition that shows only what you want to see.

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You can either do as above and use a filter on that tab or you can use multihoming to add the task to another project that is your calendar when you want to add it.

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