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Hi, is it possibile to select projects and view them together in calendar like Google Calendar does? I’m creating a project for each social media channel, so I would like for example to view together the calendar for the Facebook and the Insta one. I know that you can group all projects together selecting All items, what if I want to group just two projects?
In Google Calendar you just need to select which calendars you want to view and it groups them together, it’s very simple, but I cannot find it here. Thanks

Hello @Filippo_Sangiorgi,

you mean using the Asana calendar view right?

If you have two projects and you want to see them in one calendar you could create one separate project for this purpose and all tasks from the two projects that you want to view there you can multi-home.
To automate this for new tasks added to the two boards you can set up a rule that all new tasks added also get added to your social media calendar project.

And for existing tasks in these two projects you can multi-select in list view and then easily multi-home also :smiley:

Does that help?

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Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes I mean the Asana calendar view. But what if I have 10 projects, and I once I want to see the first and the 4th in the same calendar, once the the 2nd and 5th, and so on…Isnt’ there a quick way like in Google Calendar that you just need to select the calendars you want to view together?

Switching around won’t work like that when you have the tasks multi-homed. You would need to have various projects saved.
What you can do is in the social media calendar project you have sections for each of the tasks from projects you multihomed, so one section for FB, one for IG and then you can use the arrows on the left hand side to open a section or close, this way you could only see specific tasks

Or you can work with coloured tags so once you are in calendar view can define which project the tasks are from.

Not exactly what you are looking for but might help.

The other option is using advanced search, select the projects you want to see tasks from

and then you can view the search results in calendar view

And then save the search results:

This would however also mean if you want to access things quickly you might have to save all the possible scenarios of projects you want to view together as saved search report.

So up to you which option would work out best :slight_smile: Hope that helps

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