Viewing Teams Task Boards to plan

We have a team of 6 members who each have ‘My Task’ boards. during our planning meetings it would be great to be able to see all the tasks in the same place to plan and redistribute tasks and workload. We like the flexibility of moving board cards around but would like to do this for the team as a whole.
Is that possible or do you have to view each person individually?


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Have you tried creating a Project and adding the team’s tasks to this project to view it in the board view?


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How we usually do this in our company:
Everybody has their own project but the tasks are also tagged to the relevant key projects. So for example we would have

Andrea - Coordination tasks
within that I have all my tasks organized into columns and each task is also added to the relevant project for example „Project A - Marketing“ or „Project A - Web Development“ etc

This has been working quite well for us so far.

Whenever we have a bunch of team members doing similar tasks let‘s say research I would create a project called „Research Main Board“ and have all tasks tagged there so I can monitor the progress based on columns such as
To Do - In Progress - On Hold - Ideas - Completed and more

Then when we have team calls we have a nicer overview

In case you need to add all tasks from a project to another project you can do so easily cua the list view. Mark all tasks and you have an editing feature at the bottom.

Also rules work great to achieve various things: Rules • Asana

Happy to send you some screenshots or a shirt video of the structure I explained above if needed

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Thanks for replying so quickly Paul.
We have a team of people that have cross over functions and projects. Ideally we want a place to see all tasks, for all projects, for all team members. With the project board I figured you would only see that project. Is there a way to see them all at once?

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@Andrea_Mayer this could work I will have a play, thank you for replying. If your comfortable sharing screen grabs that would be really helpful.

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Sure will send some tomorrow @Debs_Joyce

Thanks for jumping in @Andrea_Mayer!
Also @Debs_Joyce Have a look at the asana feature called multi-homing of a task:


Hey @Debs_Joyce
here is a basic video I have created: Recording regarding team tasks and main project - Asana Forum, hope it helps - and yes definitely look at the links @Paul_Grobler sent :slight_smile:

I think then you will be able to achieve what you had in mind :slight_smile:

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