💡 A first task in a project as a workflow task?

Projects in Asana can have various workflows. One project could require people to complete tasks when done. Some projects require them to use the status field available, and never complete tasks. Others could have a status but the last value is replaced by actually completing tasks.

This could be confusing. Stop the confusion now and include a “:information_source: workflow explained” task as the first task of the project! The task will hold an explanation of how the project needs to be used. It could also be written inside the project’s description.

Anyone using that trick and interested to try?

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Yes, @Bastien_Siebman!!! I do it both ways. I prefer to use the Project Description but that isn’t always the most logical fit. When I have an instructional task within a project, I like to add a :information_source: tag

Whenever I run reports I can select the “does not have these tags” option so these tasks won’t show.


Great idea! I am stealing this one.

I do this! I call it “:bulb: How to Use This Project”. It sets the conventions for all projects, ensuring everyone is using the project the same way.