A different dashboard for every group I work with, and a dashboard for the team



MULTIPLE DASHBOARDS: Right now I can only create a single dashboard. I try hard to show people ONLY the Asana info they’re interested in, to avoid the user perception that there’s a huge amount of extraneous info to be waded through in Asana. I find myself constantly rearranging the sole dashboard and adding or deleting projects…so I can make the single dashboard work for every group I meet with. Having to rack my brains to make sure I’ve put back all the right projects every time does not help my productivity. I would like a chance to create multiple custom dashboards.

SHARING DASHBOARDS: Also, my dashboard can be used and seen only by myself…for other users the best I can do is coach them or urge them to create their own dashboard. I would like to be able to share a link for the custom dashboards.

Project count and task count: I sometimes wonder if Asana developers and testers take into account useability for larger teams or those with numerous projects and tasks. Some functions and especially workarounds may make sense if you only ever work with 5 projects each with 50-75 tasks. E.g. solution where one creates a tag to make up for the absence of multi-level sort…or where one moves completed tasks out of a project to avoid clogging up the timeline view. I have at least 30 projects active (I don’t know a way to actually see all of them to count :slight_smile: ) and a task count from 300-1000 is nothing out of the ordinary. When the task count blows up, that’s when the fully featured filtering and sorting becomes essential.


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