30 minute tasks rounding up to 1 hour in workload

As the topic says, I am finding that 30 minute tasks in any project are rounding up to 1 hour in the portfolio workload view. For example, I have team members that need to give feedback on different tasks. Their feedback tasks are each 30 minutes and they are showing as overloaded, although they are not?! What is going on here? Am I missing something?

Hi @tom.marsh , what custom field are you using for your Workload effort? Are you using the native Asana ‘Estimated time’ field or your own custom field (number-type)?

Or perhaps you are seeing them as a value of ‘1’ because the effort is set to ‘Task count’?


Thanks for getting back to me @Richard_Sather !
I am using the native Asana field ‘Estimated time’.
Effort is definitely set to estimated time.

Hey @tom.marsh , I can’t seem to replicate this. Could you supply a screenshot similar to this below?

You may also want to check that your capacity settings (see screenshot below) is set to 40h (?) hours per week (or whatever value applies to your members). That value is divided by 5 to provide the daily capacity which you see in my screenshot above.

hey @Richard_Sather.
Thanks again for checking in! I double checked and capacity is set up correctly.

For example these are all 30 minute tasks but are showing as 1 hour

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 07.59.43

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@tom.marsh can you share a screenshot of one of those tasks? (anonymised if necessary)

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman , here you go

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@Julien_RENAUD you recently made some discoveries around rounding up happening in workload, can you help?

Thanks Tom looks perfect to me, just wanted to double check!

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This is very strange indeed!

I actually managed to recreate @tom.marsh 's issue; when I hover over the day which includes a 30min task, it says 1hr. This is the same task as per my screen shot above, but just hovering my mouse over the day, instead of the purple hump.

@Julien_RENAUD , any ideas? I think we should send this to the Bugs section…

PS: more testing shows that anything up to 29 minutes rounds down to indicate 0h on the task, while anything from 30m and above rounds up to 1hr. The cumulative value indicates correctly (e.g 50m) when you hover over the purple hump, but rounds up to 1hr when hovering over the day

In the below screenshots, Estimated time fields are:

  • Test 1 is 30mins
  • Test 2 is 29mins

I hadn’t seen that… it does look like a display problem.

Hi @Vanessa_N , could you have a look at this please?

Maybe in addition to Asana’s decision to round to show a simplified display, like:

. . . they fail to use the actual values or enough precision in calculations to determine total effort.

Seems like a bug or deficiency!


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Hi everyone, thanks for tagging me here! I could also replicate the issue following the steps provided, so I’ve escalated the report. Once I hear back from our Developers I’ll let you know!


Thanks @Vanessa_N

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for reporting this issue. Our Developers are deploying a fix for this and it should be available to everyone in the next few days! I’ll close the thread for now, but if by the end of next week the problem continues on your end, please let us know :slight_smile:


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