2byte language break down!

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Steps to reproduce: Korean Language, Type a description of task and select bulleted list.

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IOS, iphone

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Thank you so much for reaching out @jckim2 and apologies for the trouble here!

I’m not sure to fully understand what the issue is here, could you please provide me with additional information to help us investigate and resolve this issue?

@jckim2 your last reply was empty (it only contained your signature); could you please share more details to help me investigate this issue?

When Hangul(Korean alphabet) is input, consonant and vowel are separated and entered.

Ok, so if I get this right, when using Hangul keyboard, there are some unnecessary spaces between consonant and vowels, is that correct?

Is this only happening with bullet list?

In order to hep us investigate this further, could you confirm what OS and version of the Asana app you’re using?

Many thanks for your help here, we really appreciate it!

That’s correct!

It’s only happened with bullet list.

OS: iOS 12.2

Asana: 7.9.0

Great! Since we don’t officially support this language at the moment, we might not be able to fix this right away, but I’ve escalated your feedback to our development team so they can investigate and see if this is something we can fix quickly or not!

Thank you so much for taking the time to raise this issue, we really appreciate it!

One last question @jckim2, is this something you can also reproduce on the web version?

Many thanks!

It’s only happend on the iPhone.

I’m using a Gallaxy S9 and Chrome on my macbook, but not happend with bullet list.

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Thank you so much, really appreciate your help! I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end!

Hi @jckim2,

Just got an update from our development team and they’ve confirmed there is definitely a bug there. Unfortunately, it might not be prioritized in the near future, mostly because we primarily focus on languages we officially support, but also because we don’t have the most adequate resources and context to fix all languages.

With that said, we’ve recorded this bug and I’m keeping open in the Forum. I’m also following this task in our Asana and will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update. Thanks again for your help with this, we really appreciate it!

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