Organization Tip of the Day- Bulleted and numbered lists

Bullets and numbered lists can help keep your conversations, progress updates, and task descriptions more organized and increase readability. You can add them in Asana with keyboard shortcuts “Cmd+Shift+8” & “Cmd+Shift+7” respectively.

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By far, the most common shortcuts I use. People don’t like to read large blocks of text. Response rate from my colleagues is much higher when it’s a bulleted list.


Definitely one of my favourite features of Asana!

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I’m thrilled to know how to do this! I’ve always wished that there were very basic WYSIWYG features like (like there are in this comment box!) in descriptions and comments on tasks - would make life a LOT easier as getting my team to remember keyboard shortcuts is an uphill battle. That’s a feature request!!


I love that the keyboard shortcuts are in a quick easy-to-access popup at the top of your Asana screen. I can see the use of a WYSIWYG but at least the popup doesn’t interfere with your comment actions.

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Hi. I am using a bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone. What is the keystroke in this case as the Cmd+Shift+7 or 8 does not work. Is there a Windows equivalent keystroke?

Hi @Tewai_Halatau

The Windows version is just Ctrl+Shift+7 or 8.

Unfortunately I’m seeing this as reported by several folks as not working. See shortcuts don’t work. tl;dr: these keyboard shortcuts do not work. Only tab+{a letter} works pretty reliably.

I agree with Kristi Please make this a feature and not a shortcut team members have to remember.

I am working on a pc and cannot seem to get this shortcut to work. Does anyone have any other ways of getting bullet points?


This is an old thread. Now there’s Rich Text so you can just type * text for a bullet or 1. text for a numbered list.