Line indent reformatted

I opened up Asana today and found that all of my bullets have been reset to be at the far left side of the box. I’ve lost all my outline formats. Any tips on how to get them back?

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This would definitely be very annoying! Sorry you have to encounter this. When you logged onto the browser, did you notice that the formatting has gone there too @Erika_Burns?

If all formatting is completely disappeared, then I suggest raising a ticket for support to see what could ha e been the issue.

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The browser formatting seems to be fine, thanks for asking! I primarily use Asana on my tablet, so would it be a good idea to delete my mobile app and reinstall it on the tablet?

Hmmmm. You can try that and see what happens, but it might be a bug.

The support page advises you to do so if you are using iOS
If you’re having issues with our mobile app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that solves your problem. If you’re still experiencing issues after reinstalling the app, contact our Support Team to troubleshoot further.’

Def submit a support ticket - the formatting should not change.

Here is the link:

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This same exact issue is happening on my iOS Asana app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the iOS app and that didn’t solve the problem. This is a major bug IMO and super annoying for a power user. I noticed this bug started in the last 4-8 weeks.

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I also came to the forum to report this as I use the Description field in Asana to jot down notes and have a ton of numbered lists.

After editing the description on mobile, all lists have lost their indentation and are no longer recognized as lists.

This makes me horribly sad :frowning:

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