Remove auto-formatting to bullets/numbered lists

I need to be able to put numbered lists into my task/subtask description WITHOUT the auto-formatting. I also need to have certain parts of my description be in different colors, whether a text color change or a highlight color. Anyone else??? :slight_smile:

Bumped and voted.

I can see this causing some visibility issues because each user can set their own Asana theme (Dark or Light). Asana has already solved this with the color combinations available in Custom Field options. These include both highlight and text colors that are readable in both themes.

A few potential issues:

  1. Accessibility: About 4.5% of the global population is colorblind. Are the colors used easily distinguishable to those who have different types of colorblindness?
  2. Implicit vs explicit communication: Colors are great for smaller orgs and individuals where everybody agrees on what each color means. If any collaborators are not clear on the color key, information will get lost.

Hi @Kate_Turner, thanks for providing this feedback!

We do have an existing threads for one of your requests that you can add your vote to:

Regarding the removal of auto-formatting, we don’t have plans to introduce this right now but I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi @Kate_Turner,

As for your first point:

  • We can undo autoformatting by pressing Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z right after the automation happens.
  • “1.” and “1)” are converted so I use other forms like “1 -” when I don’t want autoformatting.

I hope these tips help :slight_smile:


This IS so helpful! Thank you!!