1 Click Tasks for entire team or company

It would be great to have an option to create 1 ticket and then have that 1 ticket be populated to everyone in the company or team. Currently for this to happen someone would have to create a ticket and duplicate it, or create multiple subtasks within that parent ticket.

An example of how the feature would work and save clicks is; the ticket gets created, inside the ticket it asks what team would you also like to give this task to “my team” “product team” “entire company” etc. Once the person click on any of those options, it will assign the ticket to each person within the chosen group.

Being able to have a feature will cut down on clicks and time that it takes to send multiple tasks.

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This capability actually already exists - see:


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In addition to @Phil_Seeman’s key answer, consider that the Assign Copies approach works especially well as subtasks in cases like this. For more:


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