Assigning Tasks to Teams


When i assign a task to a team (for example i am assigning a task to the development team which contains 5 users because i am not the one who decides which of them will actually work on this task) the task will be created n times depending on the amount of users in the team. Also, if a certain user in that team commented/completed the task, the other tasks which are actually the same task but assigned to multiple users are still open and did not get any effect.

According to our use, the following is not valid because the task should get closed to all the assigned users since its the same task and it was completed by one of the teammates!

is there another approach ?

Task assigned to group and completion

Hi @Rashad_Zahr

Asana is designed with accountability in mind, which is why you can only assign a task to one person. It’s then clear who has responsibility for completing that task by the deadline. If you’re copying the task numerous times, each of those tasks is completely separate, so updates won’t be synced for everyone.

From your description, it sounds like you’re allocating tasks to a team, and a team leader then decides who does the work. If I were you, I’d assign the task to the team leader, then have her create subtasks within that main task, which she can then assign to individuals. They’ll all be working within the same task, and they’ll all receive the same updates, comments, etc. When all of the subtasks are completed, the team leader can then mark the main task as complete.


Accountability is great, but sometimes people rotate on and off teams. It would be great if assigning to a team did NOT create individual task for each person, which will later create administrative work in re-assigning tasks that need to go to new team members or closing tasks that are no longer relevant. In the assign to team scenario, the task would show in the My Tasks for each member of the team (and the entire team is accountable), but not create new tasks that they must each manage.