Assigning Tasks to Teams

When i assign a task to a team (for example i am assigning a task to the development team which contains 5 users because i am not the one who decides which of them will actually work on this task) the task will be created n times depending on the amount of users in the team. Also, if a certain user in that team commented/completed the task, the other tasks which are actually the same task but assigned to multiple users are still open and did not get any effect.

According to our use, the following is not valid because the task should get closed to all the assigned users since its the same task and it was completed by one of the teammates!

is there another approach ?


Hi @Rashad_Zahr

Asana is designed with accountability in mind, which is why you can only assign a task to one person. It’s then clear who has responsibility for completing that task by the deadline. If you’re copying the task numerous times, each of those tasks is completely separate, so updates won’t be synced for everyone.

From your description, it sounds like you’re allocating tasks to a team, and a team leader then decides who does the work. If I were you, I’d assign the task to the team leader, then have her create subtasks within that main task, which she can then assign to individuals. They’ll all be working within the same task, and they’ll all receive the same updates, comments, etc. When all of the subtasks are completed, the team leader can then mark the main task as complete.


Accountability is great, but sometimes people rotate on and off teams. It would be great if assigning to a team did NOT create individual task for each person, which will later create administrative work in re-assigning tasks that need to go to new team members or closing tasks that are no longer relevant. In the assign to team scenario, the task would show in the My Tasks for each member of the team (and the entire team is accountable), but not create new tasks that they must each manage.


hello @Mark_Hudson

When I have a task for example: Request to change your password immediately.
Then I would like to send an email by selecting an email group which includes the 5 people I want to send to…

But I want to use Asana for controlling task instead. I would create a task to assign it to a team of 5 people. To save time i would do as follows:

  1. Create a group names GroupX in Asana (Right now there is no way to create contact or user group in Asana)
  2. Add all 5 people to the GroupX.

Please open the screenshot for details

  1. Create a task and assign it to a user who will be accountable for the task (see bullet A)
  2. Assign the task to GroupX (See Bullet B)

When one of the users has completely changed her or his password as required then this person will click on complete the Asana task. But the task itself will not be marked as completed yet, because there are still 4 users left who have not marked the task as complete. The Task will have some kind of indicators which shows that 1 has completed, 4 still remain incomplete. (See Bullet C)

Once all the 5 users have marked their task as complete, then the task will be marked 100% complete!

With the process mentioned above, I don’t have to create 5 tasks and assign to 5 different people. If I have 100 people where I want to them change their password, If I have to create 100 tasks and assign to 100 of people then it’s wasted of time.

We are not only using Asana for working with project related, but also daily operation tasks as well.

Please listen to our feedback Asana. If you implement group contact and the possibility to assign a task to a group(s) or also add a group as collaborators then believe you will definitely kill email and change the way people communicate with each other via task management (See Bullet D)



Good idea, @Kim_H. You should re-create your post in the Product Feedback section and open it up to voting.

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I have reposted it in the feature request section here @Mark_Hudson :slight_smile: Thank you for your recommendation. Hope the Asana team will respond soon.

It’s a pity that they don’t use some similar Feedback system like Uservoice

So we can follow up which idea is under development, started or completed :slight_smile:

This is not a solution. It is a work-around.


Yep - would love this feature for my team. A task needs to get allocated to 4 separate people. I don’t want two people starting to do the same task - I want there to be one task that then can be passed to an individual user and then completed.