Difficulty in Assigning Tasks to Multiple Teams Simultaneously

I’m facing a challenge in my Asana workflow where I need to assign certain tasks to multiple teams simultaneously. Our project involves cross-functional collaboration, and several tasks require inputs or actions from different departments or teams within our organization.

While I can assign tasks to individuals or specific teams easily in Asana, I haven’t found a straightforward way to assign tasks to multiple teams simultaneously. This creates inefficiencies as I have to duplicate tasks for each team separately, leading to potential confusion, duplication of efforts, and difficulty in tracking progress across teams.

Is there a recommended approach or workaround within Asana to efficiently assign tasks to multiple teams at once while maintaining clarity and accountability? Any insights, tips, or best practices from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Is there anyone who can help me with this? I would love your guidance. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :innocent:

Welcome, @joeroot.pk80,

How are you assigning a task to a team? That’s actually not possible in Asana.

Asana considers DRI Directly Responsible Individual the way to achieve accountability so that’s why only one person may be assigned to a task.

You can search the Forum for many workarounds (or vote to request a change).

In short, I’d suggest you one-time create a project for each team. Then, for each task to “assign” to a team, multi-home (add to project) it to the team. It’s up to the team to triage the new additions to that project. Read about notifications to see how those who need to see when new tasks arrive can get notified about that.

Another approach is to create a subtask of a task to be assigned to many, then view the subtask in the task detail pane and click on Assignee and choose Assign Duplicates. You can enter one or more team names. A subtask will be created for each team member. You won’t need to duplicate info about the work if you maintain it only in the single parent task, not all the subtasks.



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