Zombie Project Templates

We have created a template, then I removed the people from the project members because I wanted to avoid that they get by default added to a project that uses the template. Now we are all locked out because nobody can edit the project template anymore. I created a duplicate that can be edited but now we cannot delete the zombie template anymore…


Make sure you shoot it in the head :slight_smile:
Just kidding:
Option 1 - is anyone part of the team, that the project is in. The team members should have access to the projects inside, unless they are marked “private”
Option 2 - reach out to Asana support with the project URL, they fixed a similar issue once for us
Option 3 - which is a bit more complex - you can use Webhook to add yourself in the project, for example using Zapier.

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Hi @ch.brandli, thanks for reaching out!

@IvanStaykov is right! Our Support Team can help you solve this issue, please make sure to send them the project URL. You can find the steps to contact them here:

I hope this helps!