Zapier's trigger 'Tag Added to task in Asana' doesn't show Data Permalink Url

I’m working on a simple Zap in Zapier where I added the trigger ‘Tag Added to task in Asana’ and the action ‘Send email in Gmail’.

In the email’s body, I added some of Asana’s task custom fields, but the ‘Data Permalink Url’ one is not showing up (screenshot 1).

This looks weird to me, moreover, because if I use ‘New Task in Project in Asana’ trigger, the link custom field shows up (screenshot 2).

Is there something am I missing here?

Thanks a lot for your cooperation!

You don’t need that info to be given to you by Zapier, you can easily recreate the link → where GID is the task gid.

Does it help?


It does!

Thanks a lot, Bastien!

Thanks! Helped me too. I had the idea to do this, but thought i needed the project id for the other /0/ and had trouble pulling that for a sec. But now i see both and nice to know i only need the one anyway.

/0/0 without a project ID shows the task in a full screen standalone view. When you add the project ID instead of the second 0, it shows the task within the context of that project.