Zapier google sheet to create asana task: Asana custom fields showing text_value & display_value: NULL


Our small business utilizes google sheets as a tool to collect data and information from new customers to learn about their needs and essentially enter them into a que. We have been doing this by manually entering the data from the google sheet submissions into an asana task template, built with all follow-up subtasks and custom fields to represent the data collected in the form.

We have started using zapier to automate simple tasks and have decided that given the amount of time we spend manually entering the google sheet submissions, creating a zap to do this would be hugely valuable.

The zap I have created thus far has a trigger of: New Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms
and an action of: Create new task in asana
I have added all of our subtasks into the zap so they populate automatically which has eliminated the need for the task template.

But no matter what I try I cannot for the life of me get the custom fields to populate the responses from the google sheet. The responses from the google sheet WILL populate in native asana fields but in the text custom fields is shows text_value:Null & display_value: Null
In the drop down custom fields it shows Display value: Null.

Please help if you can because I have spent o much time trying to work around this to no avail!

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Hi @Shelby_Bourbonnais and welcome to the forum!

Can you post a screenshot of the action part of the Zap so we can see exactly how you’re trying to do it currently?

Hey @Shelby_Bourbonnais, welcome,

You could check out Unito if you are still slamming your head against the keys with Zapier. Muuuuch easier to set up.

Good luck!