You missed the ChatGPT train but Asana bought you a ticket

Note: This feature will be available to Asana customers in Winter 2023, stay tuned!

Unless you were living in a cave, you’ve seen a massive trend growing for the past months: ChatGPT took over the world.

You still have time to get on the train, and Asana is making it easier for you by integrating it directly in the app! The bot takes the form of an “AI Assistant” button next to the “Customize” button.

But what’s the benefit, compared to the official ChatGPT app? Glad you ask. There are 3 main benefits:

  • ChatGPT is a paid tool, but in Asana you don’t have to pay an extra fee to use it

  • ChatGPT will use whatever you prompt to train its model. That’s not the case with Asana, they struck a deal with the data partner and they won’t be using your data.

  • the AI Assistant will have access to your Asana data. So you can ask things like “what should I work on next” and not just “what’s the capital of France?”.

How does it work?

Click the “AI Assistant” button in the top right corner to open the Asana Intelligence panel. Then, either choose a suggested prompt or enter your own.

The bot will think… and deliver an answer. The answer then can be saved for others to see, or just discarded.

Why should I care?

First, tools like ChatGPT will change the world. It won’t take your job, but someone using AI will. So get on the train and use to draft emails, summarize a text, translate a copy…

In the context of Asana, the better you use the tool, the better will be the suggestions.

  • “What are major disagreements in this project?” will help a manager understand the situation.

  • “What is this project about?” will provide a quick summary without going through the whole task list.

  • “What should I work on next?” will help you cut through the noise and jump on the first relevant task.

What’s next?

The entire Asana community will come up with great use cases over time, so make sure to stay around!


I am excited to use this feature and am curious to see what ideas the community will come up with.

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I wonder what this will add to the debate of tasks vs projects. With this addition of AI Assistant, you might choose for project to be able to prompt across all the tasks/info in that project. When everything is in a single task with subtasks this looks a little different. Especially since right now the Smart Summary feature doesn’t take subtasks into account.