🤖 ChatGPT finally available within Asana


We have all seen what ChatGPT can do. If you were living in a cave for the past few weeks, ChatGPT is an AI you can interact with, providing crazy results: it can answer questions, write poems, fix code, tell stories…

astogi and iDO joined forces to bring ChatGPT into Asana: invite our bot into your project(s) and then you only have to comment on a task and mention the bot, it will post an answer with a comment within seconds!

Use this link to register for our beta test and we will be in touch!


iDO is a leading Asana Solutions Partner with a clear mission: help everyone in the world get the most out of Asana.

astogi is a known party in the Asana developer community: they built an integration between git and Asana.

iDO and astogi are creating together a new set of services delivered in an innovative way, stay tuned for our upcoming services!


I signed up but I got an email in French and even with Google translate, I’m not really sure what the next steps are.

Please advise.

Is there a doc page on how to use it? Assuming I have been accepted.


Just wait a bit, we’ll be in touch. Can you forward the email to bastien@ido-clarity.com please? I am curious :thinking:

Hi @Bastien_Siebman

Sorry, I didn’t see a notification for this thread and just came over to check and saw you had replied.

I have just forwarded the email to you.

I’ll look out for your update when it’s ready to test.

Keep up the good work.

Our beta officially starts today, register on the link (and get the next steps in the confirmation message) or check your emails if you were already registered.

Is the Beta still running? I’ve tried it but no answer from the bot. See caption.

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It looks like the bot was not invited as a member of the project, you are alone at the top. Please follow the instructions fully on http://ido-clarity.com/chatgpt-asana/ and let me know if this still doesn’t work!

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It seems that the integration is also not working for me. I have checked that the bot is a member of the project. The last time it was working for me was 3 May 2023.

@_Sander can you please help?

I’m currently in touch with Peter via email, since the integrations for other projects are working as expected I requested additional information to debug this further. Working on it! :slight_smile:

Any updates on an Asana ChatGPT plugin?
I want it to take a look through my projects, and suggest better ways to organize things…

Our ChatGPT plugin doesn’t have the ability to look at your tasks and projects indeed. But Asana is suppose to release a wide set of AI-related features.

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More here:

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