Wrong Translation in German

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If the status of a project is „done“ it should say „erledigt“. Instead - asana tells me „erledigen“. This means „to do“.

Steps to reproduce: Home View Tab „Projects“

Browser version: iOS App

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Roland_Strahlhofer Thank you so much for reporting!
I gave a feedback to the localization team. Will update here once there is any update :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi @Roland_Strahlhofer, I received the update from the localization team. We

It seems that the string was used twice:

  1. One is the purpose you mentioned, marking a project progress as “Complete” → the translations would be “erledigt”

  2. The other is not shown in the usual UI, but shown to accessibility users for the check mark button on tasks, telling them the button means “marking a task as complete” → the translations would be “erledigen”

The mobile team is going to disambiguate them so as we can use different translations.

By now, we have applied the suggestion replacing “erledigen” with “erledigt” since the first case is the most visible one. The new translation will go live on the next deploy!

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