Incomplete English translation


so two things please.

  1. My whole team are English speakers, I created the account on spanish (dunno why) and I changed on the website to English, still some tabs are shown in spanish to the whole team, even though we all changed the language which mean that you haven’t translate those tabs. Find attached

  2. I downloaded the app on my phone in Spanish and I cant find where to switch it to english in the App

Can you please solve these two things?




FYI I moved this to the #tipsandtricks forum section as it’s a better place for this question.

My intuition from your screenshot is that the only thing not translated are the sections in My Tasks (what you call Tabs). They are actually created upon registration so they defaulted to Spanish, you’ll have to rename them manually.

Does that apply to your case?

please let me know how to rename them manually! :slight_smile:

Just click on them :slight_smile: (might not be available from mobile though, just the web)


got it, thanks! :slight_smile: