Lorem ipsum help!!!

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Big chunks of our projects have turned from English into Latin. I’ve tried refreshing, cleraing my cache, restarting, and it’s still…Latin. We’re starting to panic since we’re up against a deadline and its been like this for about 24 hours now. I emailed Asana, but haven’t heard back yet, so wondering if anyone has any tips here?

this is what some of our tasks currently look like:


That looks indeed like portions of lorem ipsum. Someone might have imported a project, or pasted the text into Asana and that created all those tasks. Did you lose data? Is the entire account like this?!

@Marie @Emily_Roman will probably tell you to contact support

Hi @Anna_Buxton,

Can you share a screenshot of the history of one of these tasks? The history can be found with tasks comments. Just like Bastien, I’ve a feeling that someone selected multiple tasks in your project and copied some text by accident.

@Anna_Buxton I see your in touch with Jeff from our support team, so i’m going to close this thread in the forum. From what you’ve shared with him, it looks like you should be able to recover your task titles clicking on “Show original” in your tasks history.