Translation Issues in rules

Hi Team,

As you can see in the capture screens, there is a translation issue on many items but not all of them in the rules section. French is the desired result because Asana is set to French but note that Goggle Chrome is set on English.

I haven’t done the full tour of the app but there is the same behavior in the “Workflow” tab.



Hi @anon24366960 , is this issue in your browser only or the Desktop app as well?

I’m guessing that Chrome is translating some parts of the web app for you. Can you try to set Chrome to NOT auto-translate the website, perhaps?

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Hi @anon24366960, as @Richard_Sather mentioned, it looks like your browser is translating the website. I’m closing this topic for now, but if you still believe it’s a bug, let me know and we can further investigate this! :slight_smile:

Hi @Vanessa_N and @Richard_Sather,

I’m pretty sure it’s Chrome too but why it is translating only some items? That’s why it’s a bug.

In my opinion, it’s to Asana to correct the issue that some items are able to be auto-translate by the browser.

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