Would you recommend Asana prompt keeps appearing after responding



Hi Asana Team,

I’ve noticed something strange while logged into https://forum.asana.com. At a very high frequency, the ‘would you recommend Asana to a friend’ overlay appears (even after selecting ‘yes’.)

I’m not sure what actually triggers this on the backend, but in my opinion, if a user responds with ‘yes’, that answer should be logged and the overlay prompt / process closed for that account.

At the moment, I keep getting asked if I would recommend Asana, even when I say 'yes’ every time across multiple browsers.

I just thought I would share that feedback. I searched through the boards, and could not seem to find anything mentioning this before.

Have a great day all! :sunglasses:


Yes that is annoying indeed!


Thanks for the report @TYL3R, I’ll make sure to look into this! Quick question, do you regularly clear your browser’s cache and cookies?


Hey @Marie,

Thanks for the follow-up. I normally do not clear cookies that often. I have seen it both after clearing cookies and just from reoccurring regular visits. I just wanted to share the feedback as I seem to be selecting the ‘yes’ to recommend at a higher than normal frequency. :sunglasses:

Thanks again.


Cheers @TYL3R, I’ll ask the Team to look into this and will be in touch if they need more info from your end to investigate!


Hi @TYL3R, just a quick follow-up question, are you able to reproduce the issue when logging with another browser AND with an incognito window?

Thanks again for your help!


Hey @Marie,

I bet what I am seeing is the site checking for cookies and any previous response to the prompt.

With any browser: When you clear your cache/history, you will be prompted via the overlay. Once you respond to that and close your browser, you will see the overlay at the top of the screen upon next visit (then it will collapse on its own).

I think two things are happening:

  1. Those of us in software development, clear our history on a regular basis. We do this at such a high frequency it’s hard to know if it’s a fresh visit or return. Resulting in us seeing the same message at a high frequency.
  2. Most tech-savvy people (like me) would expect our results to be logged, and not prompted for the same thing due to clearing one’s history.

I get the design more after giving it some thought. Most of this could be due to an implementation of the prompt / overlay and what triggers that.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the rant. :unicorn:


Thank you SO much for the additional information @TYL3R; I’ll reach out to the Team and will get back to you as soon as I have more information. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation, really appreciate it!