I have to log into Asana every day. How do I get browser to keep me logged in?

Probably the wrong category, but I don’t see a help forum category.

Every since I deleted my cache and cookies in my firefox browsers weeks ago, I have been having to log into Asana every day since. It use to keep me logged in everyday before that. I am not sure why that messed it up somehow. I am still able to stay logged in at all other websites accept this one.

I have googled for solutions and tried them. I have asked in computer help groups and forums and tried their suggestions as well. Nothing seems to be working.

Does anybody know why it will NOT keep me logged into Asana anymore? There must be a way to fix this.


If when you opened Asana again for the first time you did not allow cookies, or if you disabled cookies in your browser you will continue to be logged out each time you close your browser. I would suggest trying to add an exception for Asana in your settings.


Actually I did add an exception for Asana in the settings for it to accept their cookies. Which is another reason I don’t know why it still doesn’t keep me logged in.

Do you have your browser set up to clear cookies or history on exit?

No I left that unchecked.