Login not remembered on Firefox

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I log in to Asana in a Firefox browser, close Firefox, start Firefox again and then visit https://app.asana.com again, I’m logged out.

  • Other websites work with Firefox, I’m kept logged in.
  • I double-checked the privacy settings in Firefox, cookies are NOT deleted after closing Firefox. I even added an exception for the Asana website, the issue was still there.
  • Other browsers (Brave, Edge) work with Asana.

Based on this the issue seems to be related to the Firefox + Asana combination.

I checked the cookies in the Dev Tools in Firefox and the auth cookies expire at the end of the session. In other browsers (Brave, Edge) it’s a couple of months in advance.

I also checked the login request in the Network requests and in the response I saw this expiry date:

set-cookie: auth_token=...; expires=Mon, 17 Sep 88885 06:37:54 GMT; ...

So my suspicion is that the year 88885 is not a valid expiry date for Firefox, therefore Firefox defaults to the end of the session.

I checked another website that works correctly with Firefox, there the token cookie expiration is set to 1st Jan, 2025 in the response.

(Sorry if it was reported earlier, I haven’t found anything related)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Firefox (latest version (121.0), both on Windows 10 and Mac)
  2. Log in to Asana on https://app.asana.com
  3. Close Firefox
  4. Start Firefox again
  5. Visit https://app.asana.com
  6. I get redirected to the login page again

Browser version:

Version: 121.0, both on Windows 10 and Mac

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?


Hi @boros.norbee, sorry to hear about this trouble. I can’t seem to replicate this issue on my end. Firefox remembers my credentials and keeps me logged in when I close the browser and open it again. To clarify, do you see the same behavior in different devices?

I confirm the same problem. It started at the end of last year when I clean up all cookies. Now - asana is the only website where I have to login every time after openinig firefox.

but I’ve just found a solution:


  • add entry “https://app.asana.com” to exceptions in Settings>>Privacy&Security>>Enhanced Tracking Protection (I have level of protection set to Standard)

and the same exception add to Settings>>Privacy&Security>>Cookies and Site Data

It worked for me



Hi @Tomasz1 thank you for sharing this solution! @boros.norbee can you test this and let us know if it works for you too?

Hi @Vanessa_N , I checked it both on Mac and Windows and now it works for me on both, with the default settings (so I didn’t change anything in the settings).

I also checked the cookies on login and now it returns an expiry date in 2056:

set-cookie: auth_token=...; expires=Thu, 16 Nov 2056 17:21:26 GMT; ...

So something might have changed recently. Anyway, it works now without any workarounds. Thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile:

@Tomasz1 Maybe you can try removing the security exceptions and check it on your side as well.


Perfect, thank you for confirming! I’ll close this topic for now, but let me know if you see any issues again :slight_smile:

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