Workspace ID and MS Power Automation

Hello, First, let me say that I am not a coder. I am just an average user. I would like to take advantage of a template in the MS Power Automate (Formally known as Flows) to send a message to a MS TEAM group whenever a new project is added to a particular team in Asana. It is asking for workspace ID. The generic one that comes up is our company but that gives me an error so I tried using the name of actual team I want to use. but this fails also. Does anyone have any knowledge on how this works?

Thanks, CC

@lpb, @Bastien_Siebman, @Phil_Seeman any chance you’re familiar with this?

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@Christine_Curtis and @Marie,

This is likely the Workspace GID, a long, unique number corresponding to the name of the workspace.

If you click Profile Image > Admin Console, the URL of the new browser tab/page will be like this:

It’s whatever is found in the part with the 9’s above.

You can instead go to, grant access, then select in the two dropdowns 1) Workspaces, 2) GET /workspaces. Then Submit and look at the results. It’s the “gid” property for the workspace in question.

I haven’t used MS Power Automation except to try it; it’s like Zapier basically.

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This worked. Thank you!

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