Fixing Power Automate Error - Email to task creation

I am trying to use the off-the shelf Asana integration with Power Automate to automatically assign a task to someone in a project and assign a due date. My integration fails at the Project ID element. It can’t pull up the project name list, and if I try to enter a specific project name that matches the one I’m targeting, it fails. Please see screenshot. thank you in advance for any assistance.

Looks like Power Automate does not know how to handle pagination :confused: @Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman should we move this into bugs?

Another note: the integration for “Add Task” appears to me to be missing what I think would be a logical step. Specifically, it goes straight from Workspace ID to Project ID, without any selection of a Team ID in between. In principle, the only projects I should be able to see are ones that are applicable to teams of which I am a member, correct?

Hi @Jay_Exum, thanks for flagging this!

As the Microsoft Power Automate + Asana integration is built and managed by Microsoft, you can contact the Microsoft Power Automate community for further assistance and support.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: