Workload view isn't working correctly

First of all, I’m EXTREMELY frustrated of how Asana is changing the way support is managed. I wasted literally 30 minutes trying to open a ticket (appartently there’s no way to do that in the /support section) and sending email to the (now deactivated) support email address. Also, for no apparent reason I can’t open a new discussion in the BUGS section of this forum.

Anyway, the number displayed in the workload view in the portfolio section when going mouse-over a specific person are ALWAYS wrong. Consider for example this colleague.

According to the synthetic number, he should have 28.8 and 20.5 hours for week 1 and week 2 respectively.

However, by summing the numbers of the individual tasks, we see the numbers are actually different (and lower) than the ones displayed. If you add up all the tasks, the numbers should be 21 for week 1 (instead of 28.8) and 12.5 for week 2. We are using the “see capacity over time” option set to “WEEK”. Unfortunately I can’t attach another image because of another funny restriction you’ve added to this forum.

Please let us know how this major bug is planned to be fixed, as this makes the workload feature useless. Thanks,

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Welcome, @Andrea_Passadori, and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve moved your post to Report a Bug; not sure why you were not able to create the report there. When an Asana person reviews this, perhaps they can explain that too.

Re your frustration with contacting support, you should be able to go to contact support directly with these steps and in the chatbot, type support ticket, then yes, the click something else.

The attachments limitation here is relaxed after use.



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Hi @Andrea_Passadori, thanks for your post and sorry to hear that you’ve run into issues with our Support Center. We are currently transitioning into a new system and actively working on improvements to the support request flow. We are taking note of every piece of feedback regarding the new system to make it as easy as possible for our users. I’ve passed your case along to our team as an example.

About the workload issue, I wasn’t able to replicate it on my end, and the numbers displayed when I hover over a user match the actual task sum. For that reason, our Support team would be best equipped to dig into this further for you, and I will provide the detailed steps so you can submit a ticket:

To create a support ticket, please go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type in your issue (or you can go ahead and write “speak to an agent”) > the bot will ask you some details about your query to understand what you need and will offer you a solution, as well as give you the option to “create a support ticket”.

You should reach this:

Let me know if you run into issues!