Workload: Now rolling out to Asana Business and Enterprise users

Hey, that’s great. I noticed that my subtasks are not visible in my workload. Is there any way to change that? Thanks in Advance!


Great news! A couple of thoughts:

  • Are sub-tasks really not counted toward workload? For us, the majority of our time-consuming tasks live as sub-tasks, while the main task is more of a milestone versus showing when someone’s actually busy.

  • Any way to roll this out across an organization versus just portfolios? It’s a nice way to see things, but when you’re allocating work across departments, you want to see everyone’s availability, not just based on specific projects.



Agreed, workload within a portfolio is helpful but company wide would be even better.


I had the sense Workload would introduce built in time tracking, but I was wrong.
So I went and wrote some things about it and emptied my chest here: It's time to get serious about having a built in time tracking functionality in Asana

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Quick update! Workload is now available to 100% of our users! To learn more about it, have a look at our brand new Blog article: :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marie. Already down the Workload rabbit hole!


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Hey @Melissa_Adams. I signed up for the measuring effort beta 2 weeks ago and was just wondering when those next steps were going to be issued. Thanks!

Hey @Melissa_Adams. I signed up for the measuring effort beta 3 weeks ago and was just wondering when those next steps were going to be issued. Thanks!

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Hi @Brian_Massey! Thanks for following up and apologies for the delayed response! I’d expect that we’ll start getting users active in our beta in the next month or so. In the meantime, one way to ensure you can get started as soon as possible is to start using custom fields on your projects to measure the effort/weight of tasks. The most common ways we see users measuring effort is through numeric fields for hours (for time-based tracking) or points (for agile workflows), but you can use any numeric custom field that makes sense for your team. Then, when Workload beta starts, we’ll let you start using those fields to power your workload view.

Let me know if this makes sense, thanks again!


Is the workload metric calculated based on the quantity of tasks a user has for a given period, or is it possible to do this based on a custom field (of type Numeric) used for estimating how long a task will take?

For example, someone might have 2 small tasks that are estimated to take a half hour each, but someone else might have a single task estimated to take 4 hours. If it’s based only on quantity of tasks, then it’d appear that the person with the 2 smaller tasks has a bigger workload which would be misleading.

@Jonny_MacEachern – Today it’s based on task count, but coming soon (later this summer) we’ll have this based on a numeric custom field. Hope that helps, there’s a link in my initial post for getting signed up to the beta as early access becomes available!

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We loved the workflow feature and moved all our projects into one portfolio to be able to view it but today I noticed that the unassigned line is gone. What happened to it?

Hi @Jessica_Barrett! Glad to hear you and your team are enjoying the new Workload feature!

I’m not sure to understand what you mean by “unassigned line”; any chance you elaborate a little bit more? Looking forward to your reply!

At the moment when I’m in the Workload view each user that has a task in one of the projects in the portfolio is listed. When this feature first rolled out and up until yesterday at the bottom of the list of users was another line called unassigned. It has our tasks in there which have due dates but no assignee. My team work as an agile scrum so I was really excited to see this as rather than looking at the calendar view of our team I was able to see what was due that day/week and assign it to a team member whilst having insight to what they were already working on. It also meant that if a team member had finished their assigned tasked they could jump into the unassigned section and self select their next task. Is that a bit clearer?? It was really strange to have spent the last week looking at it and then today it just wasn’t there.


Hi @Jessica_Barrett we’re looking into this right now! Looks like an unintended behavior was introduced, it should work exactly as you explained and we’re working on getting a fix out. In the meantime, we’ve found a temporary workaround where if you scroll horizontally in time, the unassigned section comes back, but we’ll have a permanent fix coming soon!


Hi there - just wondering if this Workload feature will be available to premium users at any point in the near future? I think it would be great for our team but unfortunately we are not at the business or enterprise level.


Hi @Melissa_Adams, my org is trialing Business tier for this feature. I wanted to ask about the “Add Task Effort” feature that is highlighted in the Guide, but doesn’t appear to be available in my organization? Can you offer any update for why this might be? Thanks!

Hi @RichK and thanks for reaching out!

We’ll be rolling out the effort and capacity features in the next couple of weeks (see note at the very top of the article); so don’t worry if you’re not seeing it just yet in your Organization. We will make an announcement here in the Forum and we’ll also have in-app notifications to make sure you don’t miss the news!

Thanks for your patience while we put the last touches to this new feature, have a lovely Monday!


I didn’t see any answer to this but the question asked a few times:

Will subtasks eventually be trackable in Workload?

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Workload was just updated for my org. My team said I got just a little too excited about that :joy:. Thanks!!