It's time to get serious about having a built in time tracking functionality in Asana

As Asana’s users since 2013 and owner of a Digital Agency with a team of 20 people, we have evolved in every new project and with every mistake, especially when talking about projects and tasks managing. One of the main things we learned is that time is precious.

For many companies time tracking is still the best way to manage workload, to learn the pace of every team member and get insightful reports about clients and projects.

When I learned about the Workload feature, I had the false sense that Asana would launch it’s own time tracking functionality, but unfortunately this was not the case. Workload as it is, doesn’t really help achieving anything (it works only in Portfolios and it doesn’t account sub-tasks).

I know there’s integration with third part apps like for time tracking, we currently use Harvest, for example. And it really offers spectacular reports and insights. We are able to set the hourly cost of each team member and the project’s budget (in hours or value of sale) and get insight-full real time reports.

But as Asana evolves to become the app to “Help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.”, shouldn’t time tracking become a built in functionality already??

Not forgetting about the disrespectful Asana decision to charge double for a Business tier that offers some interface improvements and basic functionality added (having another one like Dashboards removed!) that should be offered for the most basic users for free!
Why not to offer time tracking as part of the new tier?

Harvest is great, but as a separate app that can only integrate trough Asana’s API, it doesn’t really work that smart to get project infos and so. This doesn’t help to get the users using it as it should be all the times.

I would happily cancel our Harvest subscription to put all the money in Asana.

It’s a fact, Asana lacks something much needed to get things done better, it lacks the ability to get knowledge from the users achievements and show it with insight-full reports that can help companies not only create and check tasks done, but to evolve in every capability of managing projects, people AND TIME.

Without managing time it’s impossible to any company grow.

What you users and Asanas think? Makes any sense to you?

Our team has definitely struggled with this. We started with Harvest, went to Toggl, then to Everhour, and back to Toggl. Every time the API changes we miss certain functionality. We even purchased a lifetime license for Gitscrum to have it incorporated but Asana is too deeply ingrained in how our organization functions that changing would be murderous. I’d love to not have to pay someone else for this. Let’s have it Asana!


I couldn’t agree more. We are anxiously awaiting Asana to put together this functionality for resource time tracking management. We currently use custom fields, but it becomes tedious exporting and/or manually selecting all tasks to see how many hours/points are on an individual.



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Deep integrated time tracking was part of the vision video at if I remember well, so I think we just need to be patient…


I love Asana. We’re currently in the progress of moving, and the app we’re moving to doesn’t handle tasks nearly as well.

For now though, I need to give it a shot for it’s extensive time tracking

Has there been any response from the Asana team about this?

Nope, they don’t share their roadmap.