[Workload] Filter total effort and capacity for a specific timeframe

The workload feature has been a great addition to our project management tool set. The one problem we’re running into regularly is needing to know the TOTAL workload for a set timeframe.
At this point, we need to manually add up the workload for each individual within a portfolio to know how much work has been done in a given week, month, etc.

Thanks for your feedback @Jessica_Ward1! You can currently create Advanced Search reports to see your team’s effort on a specific timeframe but this feature is currently not available in Workload. This is definitely something we could look into for a future update.

Thanks for following up, @Emily_Roman. I’ve tried doing a report, but I’m still not seeing a way to easily see total velocity points without having to pull down a .csv. Here’s a mock up of what would be awesome for this. Either replace the # with a total or have a line item for total.

Yes please!
If we could compare it to the total capacity that would be even better – to see how much of a person’s capacity is being used. Right now I see no way to even get capacity to show up in a search.

@Emily_Roman, could you please confirm that there is no way to get capacity in a report or search? The only place I can find capacity is in Workload when you set your team’s weekly capacity. Is there any way to pull this data in somewhere else for comparison? I am trying to do something similar to @Jessica_Ward1, see total effort over time.

Hi @Katie_Kendle, thanks for reaching out!

As it stands is currently not possible to see the total effort and capacity in Workload. You can create an Advanced Search report, add the Effort field in the parameter and filter per project, assignee or a specific time frame.

Then you can multi-select the tasks and you will be able to see the total. See example below:

I hope this helps!

I see – thank you for that example. This is helpful if you have a question about a particular person, but not helpful at all in getting an overall view of the company.

The “effort” is a great feature, but without being able to easily compare existing effort to total capacity, it’s not very useful. Since the comparisons are already being made in Workload, there needs to be a way to pull it into reporting.