[Workload] Filter total effort and capacity for a specific timeframe

The workload feature has been a great addition to our project management tool set. The one problem we’re running into regularly is needing to know the TOTAL workload for a set timeframe.
At this point, we need to manually add up the workload for each individual within a portfolio to know how much work has been done in a given week, month, etc.

Thanks for your feedback @Jessica_Ward1! You can currently create Advanced Search reports to see your team’s effort on a specific timeframe but this feature is currently not available in Workload. This is definitely something we could look into for a future update.

Thanks for following up, @Emily_Roman. I’ve tried doing a report, but I’m still not seeing a way to easily see total velocity points without having to pull down a .csv. Here’s a mock up of what would be awesome for this. Either replace the # with a total or have a line item for total.